Bill began his film making career in the mid  90's when he started traveling with the young future world surfing champion Andy Irons and his brother Bruce. He founded action sports production company Billygoat productions in 1994, delivering more than 20 surf films, award winning documentaries, tv shows and providing content distribution to all types of media outlets. 

For the past 3 years Bill has worked with 2016 World Surfing Champion John John Florence.  In 2015 Bills team leadership was instrumental as a producer on the award winning film "View From a Blue Moon"  He worked as the glue between sponsors, executive producers, the director, athletes and independent contractors while managing a multi million dollar budget. 

In 2016 Bill directed and produced the award winning 7 part series "Twelve" presented by Hurley. The series followed John John Florence 2016 competitive campaign to win his first Surfing World Title. 

When Bill isn't working hard he is playing hard. He and his family love to surf, snowboard, hike, camp and travel. Currently living, working and loving life in the Pacific Northwest, Portland Oregon.